What’s your elevator speech?

Everyone in commercial real estate should master their elevator speech. It’s our personal “pitch” that we deliver when meeting new contacts at industry events or meetings. It’s what helps us stand out from others in our peer group. It’s our singular voice in a sea of many.

BOMA/Chicago represents more than 260 office buildings and more than 150 affiliate members in Chicago’s central business district and beyond to Chicago’s city limits. Executives from our Building and Affiliate-member companies more than likely will have their own elevator speech. It’s the foundation that enables them to tell their story and share their perspective with others in the industry.

What is my elevator speech, you ask?

I’m Bob Six, chief operating officer of Zeller Realty Group and the 2011 president of BOMA/Chicago, the voice of Chicago’s building owners and managers. BOMA/Chicago is the oldest BOMA federation in the world – older than even BOMA International. Since our founding in 1902, we have been committed to being a leader among our peers. We’ve helped pave the way for our industry on issues ranging from advocacy to diversity to the commercial smart grid. We have been, are and will be here for you, our membership.

Launching The Elevator Speech blog is the latest example of this commitment, and I hope it inspires other BOMA chapters and commercial real estate industry leaders to further embrace social networks.

The goal of this blog is to give our members, industry leaders and others a platform to share opinions, advice and insights on issues and news events impacting Chicago’s commercial office building market. We want The Elevator Speech to be a vehicle for debate, discussion and information sharing.

We’ll have an ongoing, rotating group of guest bloggers contributing on a regular basis. We’ll cover all facets of commercial real estate, including green office buildings, property management, tenant relations and retention, professional education, networking, emergency preparedness and more. We’ll also provide commentary on Chicago and Illinois news events and happenings and any potential ramifications these may have on Chicago’s office building market.

We also want to hear from you, so leave a comment or email us. Did you find value in this post? Hate it? Is there another topic you’d like to see The Elevator Speech tackle?

Please let us know. Be sure to add The Elevator Speech to your RSS Feed and check back frequently for updates. And, by the way: what’s your elevator speech?

About Bob Six

COO of Zeller Realty Group and Board President of BOMA/Chicago
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