We’re Number 2, So We’ll Try Harder in 2012 to Hold Successful Blood Drives

The early 1960s are considered by many to be the Golden Age of television advertising.  One of the most memorable – and probably successful – campaigns was for Avis Car Rental.  Statistics revealed that Avis consistently ranked second to industry leader Hertz; the company clearly needed a creative way to communicate its standing as the number two car rental player.

So how did Avis build its brand and increase market share?  Well, the creative team at Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising in New York created a legendary campaign around this theme: “We Try Harder.” It must have worked for Avis because it’s still in use today.

Fast-forward to 2011 and BOMA/Chicago’s participation in a very worthwhile initiative: The Skyscrapers For Life blood drive program coordinated by LifeSource, Chicago’s leading blood center.  At a luncheon held September 28 for the Top 20 blood donors, BOMA/Chicago learned that its building members had the second-highest number of blood donations in the Chicago area for the third consecutive year.

BOMA/Chicago's LifeSource Award for being among the Top 20 blood donors in metropolitan Chicago.

LifeSource reported that BOMA/Chicago members collected 2,453 pints of blood this year, meaning a total of 7,359 lives were saved!

For the record, the servicemen and women at Great Lakes Naval Base north of Chicago have collected the most units of blood the past few years.  Congratulations to all the donors from Great Lakes.

According to the folks at LifeSource, here are some guidelines BOMA/Chicago building members can follow in 2012 to hold more successful blood drives:

  • Make sure your building has an adequate facility to hold a drive.  That means a room large enough for the requisite number of tables and chairs, and one having the proper electrical outlets.
  • Commit to holding at least two blood drives annually.  LifeSource’s goal for 2012 is to generate at least 30 units of blood from each drive.  Schedule at least one drive to cover the times when blood is truly in need, like in summer months and around holidays. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to hold drives.
  • Use the branded marketing materials provided by LifeSource.  These include posters and flyers to distribute to tenants, an email message, online donor scheduling by LifeSource, a PowerPoint slide for your Captivate screens and lobby signage.

LifeSource Regional Director Andrew McElroy, BOMA/Chicago EVP Michael Cornicelli and LifeSource Regional Director Jim Dabisch

Have questions about participating in blood drives in 2012? Please reach out to Carmen Cervantes at LifeSourse at 847-323-6699 or ccervantes@itxm.org.  Let’s try harder in 2012 to help save lives.

Did you hold a successful blood drive in 2011? Please share your success stories.


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