Take Our Poll: Share Your Thoughts About LinkedIn

Of the three dominant social media platforms, LinkedIn without question stands apart when it comes to business relationship building.  The platform gives individual subscribers a pretty extensive personal curriculum vitae and the opportunity to pose relevant questions, start a discussion, list a help wanted notice or post a news item others might find interesting.

But most importantly, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to search and identify people who work in a particular industry — such as commercial real estate — and contact them directly on relevant topics of common interest. Business-related questions are posed to the subscriber’s network and the greater LinkedIn network.  The underlying take-away here: LinkedIn subscribers receive better responses from the people in their network than those who communicate through open forums.

Launched in 2003, the platform now bills itself as “the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories.”  Through the Group feature, members can create and manage interests focused on a nearly infinite range of business-related subjects. Another interesting recently added LinkedIn feature is the “Follow Company” button – similar to Liking a brand on Facebook – that allows subscribers to receive automatic updates on the companies they choose to follow via their LinkedIn RSS feed.

Closer to home, BOMA/Chicago has maintained a LinkedIn Group since April 19, 2010.  As of this writing, the Group has 458 members, with 20 members added per week on average.  Digging a little deeper, around 75 percent of the members have senior-level titles such as “Vice President,” “Director” and even “Chief Executive Officer.”

A quick analysis reveals the majority of those who request membership in the Group are affiliated with BOMA/Chicago building and/or affiliate member companies.  Others hold positions in commercial real estate or at Chicago-area businesses that serve the industry.

The issue: In light of our success in attracting Group members, an analysis of activity reveals only a handful of members utilize the platform for business building or personal growth.  So, we’d like to learn more about your LinkedIn usage.

Below is a short poll.  Please take the poll if you’re a BOMA/Chicago LinkedIn Group member, or even if you’re a general LinkedIn subscriber and not a group member.  We’ll report on the results next week.


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