LinkedIn Poll Results and Three Business Building Tactics to Consider

Last week, The Elevator Speech published a post on the genesis of LinkedIn, one of the three dominant social media platforms and the online site best suited to business-building opportunities.  Along with some insight and history, we also asked followers to take a simple poll on why they use the platform.

Well, our poll results were – in light of a better word – fairly slim.  We received just six responses:

  • Four respondents use LinkedIn for business and personal reasons.
  • One uses the site for business reasons only.
  • One uses the site for personal reasons only.

Note: The poll remains open to those who are part of BOMA/Chicago, work in commercial real estate or anyone who would like to participate.

Since last week, we’ve gained a few more members (now up to 477), and some new discussions were added, discussions that reflect perhaps the key benefit behind LinkedIn: To unlock business opportunities through an ever-evolving circle of friends and colleagues.

To jumpstart more discussions, here are three tactics that may inspire more productive use of LinkedIn.

  1. Add Profile Updates.  Each time a LinkedIn subscriber updates his or her profile, that news is shared with contacts.  Make it a regular practice to update your LinkedIn profile each time your company kicks off a new product or service or if you get a promotion or take on new responsibilities.  Get proactive and contact your network via email and ask for an opportunity to discuss the update news in person.
  2. Build New Connections.  LinkedIn claims to have more than 150 million members; so obviously, you can’t contact them all – nor would you want to.  But selected members of your group might be connected to a decision-maker you’d like to add to roster for a potential business opportunity.  A great feature of the site is this kind of “at-a-glance” overview of an individual.
  3. Revisit a Former Client.  It’s challenging to open an opportunity for more business with a past client, especially if you have not communicated over a long period of time.  Through LinkedIn, you can review a past client’s personal and business history in order to get current and initiate a more meaningful conversation.

Do you have other suggestions on how LinkedIn can be used to build business?  Please share them with us.


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