Earth Day: The Catalyst that Launched the Environmental Movement

Next week, a quiet revolution of sorts will continue in office buildings and other commercial properties, in homes and businesses and in cities and towns across metropolitan Chicago and around the world. It took hold 42 years ago here in the United States, and has grown into a worldwide initiative that will involve a reported one billion people.

We’re referring to Earth Day, the movement many acknowledge as the force that set into motion the modern environment movement here and around the world. Launched in 1970 in the height of the hippie subculture and protest movements, Earth Day has evolved into one of the largest civic observances on the planet. The premise behind Earth Day is simple: Respect the environment and build awareness for ways to make the world we work and live in a better place.

This year, Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22. But many – including BOMA/Chicago members – are using the week prior to do their part in honoring Earth Day. One way buildings are participating in Earth Day is to collect no-longer-used electronic products for shipment to a qualified recycling company. Cell phones, computers, monitors, printers, radios – virtually anything with a plug – can be recycled.

Earth Day also helped usher in other, more specific movements and practices geared toward recycling and energy savings, as well as new ways of thinking about how we use resources. Since its inception in June 2011, The Elevator Speech has made a priority to publish posts that embody the spirit of Earth Day.

Here are just five of our blog posts dedicated to Earth Day initiatives:

Let us know what is taking place at your property or business to recognize Earth Day. This is one dialogue that will continue for the next 42 years – and hopefully for many generations beyond.


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One Response to Earth Day: The Catalyst that Launched the Environmental Movement

  1. everlightschicago says:

    Thank you for sharing this Earth Day information with your readers. The more people we can get involved the better. EverLights just completed two Earth Day e-waste drives and collected over 50 computers, monitors and laptops. We hope other Earth Day events have the same success we’ve had!

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