Next Stop For The BOMA/Chicago Elevator Speech: Another Year of Productive Blogging

Some anniversaries are truly memorable and merit a lot of pomp and circumstance. Take the activities that unfolded last week to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee: Spending 60 years on the throne of the British Commonwealth certainly calls for a multi-day celebration complete with fireworks.

Here at The Elevator Speech, we have a much more modest anniversary to take note of: we launched the blog just over one year ago.

Our objectives in taking on this endeavor were to:

We’ve included blog posts about topics from commercial real estate issues, Chicago history and sports etiquette

Over the past year, The Elevator Speech has published posts on topics you’d expect from an office building industry group, like “green” building topics, preparing for the 2012 NATO Summit, the value of education in commercial real estate, our iconic public places and property taxes.  We’ve also posted about esoteric subjects. A few topics that stand out include: golf scramble etiquette, the value of giving back to the community, thoughts on making office buildings more bike friendly and a chronicle of Chicago’s holiday traditions.

Each week, the blog publishes a “What We’re Reading” post, an account of four or five top commercial real estate, business or cultural news items that took place that week (and in a market as dynamic and diverse as Chicago, we always have something to report).

As for numbers, here are a few:

  • More than 16,600 views, with May 17 being our busiest with 170 views
  • 98 posts

We encourage additional comments on our blog posts, such as this one from our Solider Field feature

The Elevator Speech has 19 guest bloggers, and we have readers in Brazil, India, the United Kingdom (perhaps the Queen?), Australia and throughout continental Europe. Our most popular topics are Chicago news/events, environmental issues, The Willis Tower (a BOMA/Chicago Building Member), Soldier Field and BOMA/Chicago itself.

Reflecting on the objectives above, we’re pretty pleased with the results so far.  We would welcome more dialogue, and we wholeheartedly encourage your comments.  On behalf of the entire BOMA/Chicago community, thanks to all who read and subscribe to The Elevator Speech.

We’re going back to work drafting our next post so we can continue to deliver on our tag line: The online voice of Chicago’s building owners and managers. What would you like to see us blog about next?


About BOMA/Chicago

The voice of Chicago's office building industry since 1902.
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