Our Last Big Night Out of the Year: A Glimpse at the BOMA/Chicago 2012 Annual Meeting

Around this time of year, companies and organizations are finalizing plans for what’s more than likely the final “official” gathering of staff and members. It could be a simple or a grand affair. It could be attended by dozens or hundreds or more.  It could last minutes or hours.

Regardless of how it’s conducted, it’s an event that likely has to take place. We’re referring to the Annual Meeting. We did a little research into the origin of annual meetings and found this Wikipedia article, which sums up the reason they’re held: It’s required by law, bylaw, constitution, charter or other authority. And on November 8, 2102, members of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA/Chicago) will gather for the 2012 Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner.  We hold the meeting because it’s required by our Bylaws — under Article III, Section 1, to be precise.

An image from the BOMA/Chicago 2011 Annual Meeting.

The BOMA/Chicago Annual Meeting is a members-only evening affair, designed to be elegant and somewhat formal, but without being too stuffy.  We host an opening reception, then move to a ballroom for the business meeting component of the evening, followed by a dinner and sometimes a keynote speaker. The evening concludes with a closing reception, better known these days as the “after-party.”

At the business meeting, BOMA/Chicago Building Members — we are perhaps the only member of the BOMA International federation of associations that designates the physical property as the official member — elect officers and members of the Board of Directors, approve any new Bylaw revisions and sometimes grant the Life Member status to a volunteer leader for his or her years of service.

And as you’d expect, the BOMA/Chicago President uses this opportunity to share insights on what took place in the past, thank our volunteer leaders and Affiliate Members for their support and event sponsorships, and offer his projections on BOMA/Chicago, the office building industry and business in the City of Chicago.

But here’s one other side to the BOMA/Chicago Annual Meeting: it gives our members perhaps one last opportunity in the year to meet, mingle and socialize before the holiday season takes hold and the year comes to a close.  Old friends are recognized and embraced, and new friends and potential business connections are made.

The 2012 BOMA/Chicago Annual Meeting will be held November 8 at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Chicago.

This year, we’ll host the 2012 Annual Meeting, our 110th such event, at the JW Marriott Hotel.  There will be a delicious dinner served, we’ll recognize a new Life Member, and we’ll deliver a short presentation that we hope our members will enjoy.

What practices or customs take place at your company or organization annual meeting?


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