BOMA/Chicago Year-End Poll: Rank the Most Monumental 2012 Event in Chicago

The waning days of the year call for looking back on what can be considered the most  newsworthy — even perhaps monumental — events and activities that will end up in history books.

Here at The Elevator Speechwe do our best to chronicle news that has a direct impact on Chicago, its business community and the Chicago commercial real estate industry through the “What We’re Reading” post, which is published just about every Friday. The post, comprised of news items and images captured from business and real estate industry news sources, “summarizes news related to some of the key industry trends, buildings, deals and dealmakers that shaped headlines.”

Now it’s your turn: Help us “shape the headlines” for a future blog by taking this short survey.

Below we’ve listed four major Chicago news stories from the past year, but please feel free to add your own suggestion. And, we’d certainly welcome any additional comments.

We’ll tabulate the replies and share them in a future post.  And, of course, all results will be kept totally confidential.

So let’s go, readers of The Elevator Speech.  Complete our survey and make your perspective known.


About BOMA/Chicago

The voice of Chicago's office building industry since 1902.
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