Going for the Gold: BOMA/Chicago’s Gold Circle Award Finalists – Part II

Gold Circle Award 2013Many organizations recognize individuals for accomplishments and contributions to the community with annual awards. Athletes receive a “Most Valuable Player” award for their contributions to a team, while movie stars are honored with “Best Actor” or “Best Actress.” Even students strive to receive individual recognition as Valedictorian by ranking highest among their graduating class.

For BOMA/Chicago members, the event that recognizes individual contributions are the Gold Circle Awards. Here at The Elevator Speech, we will be featuring 2012-2013 Gold Circle Award finalists throughout January. Last week, we profiled three accomplished Property Management Professional of the Year finalists. This week, we’ll feature two more “behind the scenes” – but just as vital roles – within the property management industry: Security Professional of the Year and Building Engineer of the Year.

The Gold Circle Award for Security Professional of the Year honors both building and affiliate members that provide security services to BOMA/Chicago’s member buildings. The 2012-2013 finalists are:

All three Security Professional of the Year finalists played an active role in life safety during the NATO Summit

All three Security Professional of the Year finalists played an active role in life safety during the NATO Summit

  • Ed Caspers, Behringer HarvardEd leverages his unique 22-year background as a police officer in training security professionals. He was integral to BOMA/Chicago members in preparation for the NATO Summit by participating in panel discussions, facilitating two Open Security meetings for more than 500 BOMA/Chicago members, arranging Department of Homeland Security training sessions and developing communications materials for members about life safety best practices.
  • Rob Holmes, Premier Security Corporation Rob’s experience as a member of the U.S. Naval Security Force helps him excel as a security professional. As the director of security and life safety for Prudential Plaza, a target for protesters during the NATO Summit, he worked with staff to execute extensive training drills for suspicious packages, surveillance techniques, First Amendment Rights and emergency lockdown situations. Rob’s military philosophy of “Mission First, Sailors Always” ensures his team is always focused on life safety.

The Gold Circle Award for Building Engineer of the Year recognizes operational excellence of engineering professionals charged with overseeing the systems and infrastructure of BOMA/Chicago member buildings. The three 2012-2013 finalists are:

515 N. State St.

515 N. State St.

  • John McDonagh, U.S. Equities Realty, LLC – John is the chief engineer of 515 N. State St., but has managed the complicated engineering challenges of other Chicago properties such as MetraMarket, Grand Plaza and the Poetry Foundation. He has specific experience in blending existing operations with newly-designed MEP systems, including construction coordination, punch lists, collection of construction information and project management. John has also completed numerous continuing education seminars, including Fire Safety Director certification courses and Building Automation Systems training courses.
191 N. Wacker Dr.

191 N. Wacker Dr.

  • Kevin Officer, Manulife Real Estate – Kevin is the chief engineer of 191 N. Wacker Dr., where he is dedicated to helping the property achieve the highest standards of operational excellence and tenant satisfaction. His work with the property has helped it retain its Energy Star designation for the past five years, achieve LEED EB Gold Certification and earn recognition as a BOMA 360 property. These energy-efficiency efforts have conserved more than 408,000 gallons of water and reduced greenhouse gases by 526,000 CO2e.
  • John Witkowski, Riverview Realty Partners John is the engineering manager for 330 N. Wabash Ave., where he manages extensive renovations such as constructing a 350-room hotel, a base building system redevelopment and adding 650,000 square feet of new tenant space. John has reduced the building’s energy use by 20 percent and retrofitted toilet fixtures to achieve 30 percent reduction in water use – all of which culminated in the property earning LEED Silver Certification, Energy Star ratings, Green Office Challenge Awards and a Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF) certification.
330 N. Wabash Ave.

330 N. Wabash Ave.

It’s clear these individuals have extraordinary accomplishments and demonstrated individual excellence within Chicago’s commercial real estate community. Next week, we’ll finish the Gold Circle Award finalist series with profiles on the Affiliate Member of the Year and Emerging Leader of the Year finalists. How have security and/or engineering professionals supported the day-to-day operations of your organization?


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