Reflecting Back on Three Decades of Making the Impossible, Possible

cui logoBy Olga S. Pierce, President, Concierge Unlimited International

A rare bottle of wine. Tickets to a sold-out theatre show. VIP tables at Michelin-rated restaurants. Hotel rooms in overbooked cities. These added touches and services can help commercial real estate firms distinguish themselves from competitors among tenants, prospects and clients.

Concierge Unlimited International (CUI) has assisted the Chicago commercial real estate community with the above requests and more, having provided corporate and private concierge services for more than 30 years.

CUI was founded in 1982 to provide customized concierge services to private and corporate clients at a time when it was only offered to luxury hotel guests, and since then, we have had hundreds of clients. We initially expanded our service offerings significantly into the commercial real estate industry in 1988, providing services on everything from tenant appreciation events to conference meeting planning to promoting buildings’ in-house amenities and more.

While some things have changed over the years in our industry – such as the continuing evolution of technology and social media – many still remain the same, including:

Commercial real estate professionals network at the CUI Halloween Appreciation Open House

Commercial real estate professionals network at the CUI Halloween Appreciation Open House

  • Continued Emphasis on Customer Service – Customers have come to expect exemplary and competitive concierge service offerings, with an extra emphasis on customization, personalization and flexibility. We have found that many tenants, whether large or small, are educated about building concierge service offerings and specifically seek these services when considering a move and/or searching for a new building space. Because of this, some commercial real estate firms incorporate concierge services within their management RFPs and exclusively engage them when bidding for new business or renewing management contracts.
  • Enhanced Communication and Engagement – Building owners and managers are continually seeking solutions to communicate and interact with current and prospective tenants. One beneficial concierge offering is the capability to produce a monthly or quarterly building newsletter on behalf of the building to tenants. The newsletters outline current and upcoming building events, local news of importance, building notification and alerts and more. This has served to be a valuable marketing tool for leasing teams when sourcing prospective tenants.

Have you used a personal or building concierge service for your business or your clients? Please share in the comments.

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