A True Gemini: The Elevator Speech Celebrates Two Years of Keeping You in the Loop

Pop the bubbly and get your permits ready for a parade! It’s time to celebrate The Elevator Speech’s second anniversary.

Since June 2011, The Elevator Speech has actively fulfilled its role as the online voice of Chicago’s building owners and managers. And we have the numbers to prove it. Over the past 24-months, BOMA/Chicago’s award-winning blog has:

  • Given you access to over 180 posts in 15 categories to keep you in the know
  • Garnered about 2,000 views per month, with a total of 47,382 views
  • Kept you abreast of the latest CRE trends and news with 95 “What We’re Reading” posts
  • Engaged you with posts written by 32 unique contributors.

The week following the 2012 presidential election is further evidence that you come to us for live and timely information. On November 9, 2012, we posted our weekly “What We’re Reading” article. Then, a record-breaking 250 of you visited us on November 12, 2012 to read what we had to say about the market and the election results. We plan to beat this record within the next year by continuing to write articles that are immediately relevant to you and your buildings.

The Elevator Speech also played a key role in building awareness and giving you information on emergency preparedness before and during the NATO Summit. In fact, we Imageearned a 2012 Best Practices Award from BOMA International for our multi-phase NATO awareness campaign. BOMA/Chicago utilized this blog to ensure that Chicago continued to run as smoothly as possible during the two-day event. And sure enough, on May 20 and 21, 2012, Chicago stood tall and downtown business stayed strong – we would like to think The Elevator Speech played a role in this outcome.

BOMA/Chicago takes pride that you come to our blog for the CRE information you need and that we have fulfilled our goals to:

Elevator ButtonFurthermore, how many of you ride in your building elevators each day? As Bob Six discusses in one of our very first blog posts, The Elevator Speech is also here to remind you of the importance of your own elevator pitch. Elevators put you in close quarters with a variety of people for a short time – this blog exists to help you perfect your elevator speech so that you can combine your story with a timely touch of news as you take that ride up or down.

Come celebrate The Elevator Speech’s second birthday by leaving a comment below and making this blog a vehicle for debate, discussion and information sharing.


About BOMA/Chicago

The voice of Chicago's office building industry since 1902.
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