What is Your Name Again? Let BOMA/Chicago Help You Channel Your Brainpower Through Memory Training

By BOMA/Chicago

Recalling names and key client information in seconds. Giving polished presentations without notes. Easily remembering market data when it matters the most. Retaining information as you speed read.

These are skills that can make or break your business and make you stand out in a room full of competition. Tapping into your memory quickly and at the right moment allows you to add depth to your conversations with coworkers, tenants, clients and strangers.

So don’t let yourself have a small slip of the mind that could close your doors to lucrative opportunities. Allow BOMA/Chicago to help you open doors and your mind through our Memory Training & Reading Smart seminar.

Tom WeberOn Wednesday, August 21, 2013, we will be inviting Tom Weber from Freedom Personal Development to come back to BOMA/Chicago for the third time to teach our members how to use their mind to excel in the workplace. We take pride in supplementing our CRE educational programs with more personalized professional development seminars that are directly relevant to your jobs. We are bringing this seminar back for our members because we believe that in today’s competitive business environment, our members should stand out in the crowd by intuitively channeling their memories.

What is the cost of this seminar, one that could help you seal the deal or grow closer to a tenant? It is free! That’s right…BOMA/Chicago is offering the program as part of our member-exclusive, value-enhancing education program.

Tom Weber has spent the past 14 years traveling around the US to deliver over 12,000 presentations to teach working professionals how to build more powerful minds and memories through hands-on exercises and tried and true techniques. By the end of this seminar, you will be able to remember:

  • Names and faces
  • Presentations without any notes
  • To-do lists
  • Key client information
  • Market data
  • Important details from books, meetings and conversations.

MaryPat Bitner, Customer Account Executive at ABM Janitorial Services, attended the Memory Training & Reading Smart seminar in February 2012. Over one year later, MaryPat is still using the techniques Tom taught her at networking events she attends. One method of memorizing names, organic repetition of the name throughout the conversation, has been very useful in allowing MaryPat to remember the names and faces of the people she meets. MaryPat and her coworkers were blown away by Tom’s seminar and she highly recommends other BOMA/Chicago members to attend.

Tom will also teach all participants how to effectively become speed readers. Our days are tied up in conversations, writing and reading and sometimes, the combination of all of these can mentally exhaust us. We are all hard workers and dedicated to our jobs, but jumping from one task to the next in this industry can cause us to miss important details as we read documents that are full of valuable information. This seminar will make you aware of your current reading speed and give you ways to immediately improve your speed without losing comprehension.

Daniel J. Flores, HVAC Sales Engineer at Murphy & Miller, also attended the February 2012 seminar. Since attending, Daniel has been able to efficiently retain key information that helps him thrive within his position. Daniel encourages other members to take a small portion of their time to enhance their memories because he believes this will save countless hours of research that could be avoided by the techniques taught in this seminar.

So by registering for the Memory Training & Reading Smart seminar today, you will save yourself time, money and the brainpower necessary to thrive within the workplace. Don’t waste time digging around for business cards or re-reading materials before you enter a meeting – join Tom Weber and other BOMA/Chicago members on August 21 to learn the tips of the trade and to impress all of the industry professionals you meet.


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