BOMA/Chicago Website: One Year Old & Still Your One-Stop Shop for CRE Information

By BOMA/Chicago

2014 BC Website

Can you believe it has been one year since we launched one of our most comprehensive and valuable member resources – the BOMA/Chicago website?

Placing relevant industry information at your fingertips has been our primary objective over this past year. And the stats show that we are succeeding in this goal. Since the new website launched on July 18, 2013, we have averaged more than 10,000 pageviews each month. This means that about 330 of you are visiting our website every day. Analytics also tell us that each of you stay on our website for an average of five minutes.

Based on these stats, we have asked ourselves what drives each of you to the website and keeps you there for precious time during your workday.

And we have a simple answer to this question. The fluid, intuitive design of our website allows you to quickly find the information you need when you need it. And once you find the initial information that brought you to our website, you are then drawn into other related stories and resources that are relevant to your CRE profession. We strategically place related content on the website so that you do not waste time getting answers.

Also – the 24/7 self-service functionality of our website puts the power in your hands and allows you to manage your own information. In fact, when you log into the website, you are given a personalized “My Profile” box on the right-hand side of the screen. This box allows you to complete multiple tasks, from customizing your profile, updating your company information, adding a profile picture, printing your invoices and much more.

Since the launch of the website, we have made several major enhancements based on constructive member feedback. Our biggest enhancement involved redesigning both our Building Member and Find a Service Provider directories. These two directories now allow you to quickly and easily find the contacts you need. Whether you are looking for the primary contact at a downtown building, a specialty matting company, the address of a CRE colleague or a list of HVAC specialists, our directories have you covered. Find out more about these directories by visiting this webpage.

We have also made enhancements to the BOMA/Chicago Job Bank, where you can post a resume, view resumes, post a job and view open jobs. Research shows that between 60% to 80% of new jobs are found by networking, which is why we redesigned this no-cost tool – so that we can help connect each of you with new employment and networking opportunities.

Besides these beneficial upgrades, there are many other helpful features of our website that have been readily available to you since we first launched. Here is an overview of just four of our countless tools that make your fast-paced professions a little easier to manage:

Resource Library
Are you looking for a labor agreement, a Brown Bag application or our 2014 education calendar? The BOMA/Chicago Resource Library houses a comprehensive list of all of the resources and documents you need. Click here to check out the dozens of resources we have available.

Homepage News
We update the BOMA/Chicago website on a daily basis. You can stay on top of all of our updates simply by viewing the “News” column on the left-hand side of the homepage. This News column is a chronological list of webpages we have created or updated. All you have to do is scan through this list to see the latest BOMA/Chicago happenings or news.

Search Box
Looking for information on a specific topic or a resource to help you answer your CRE questions? Finding information on our website is an easy task with our comprehensive search toolbar functionality. Simply click in the toolbar that says “Search” on the upper right-hand corner of the website and type in the key words of the information you need. A complete list of documents, resources and webpages with those key words will display on the next page.

Events Calendar
Are you looking for the next BOMA/Chicago event or educational course? Then all you have to do is visit our homepage and scroll down to the “EVENT” calendar that displays directly in the center of the page (below the “Education” block). Any day highlighted in light blue indicates a BOMA/Chicago event or course. Once you click on that date, you are taken to a webpage that tells you what event/course we are holding. If this is an event/course you would like to attend, simply click on the title again and then press “more” in the pop-up box. You will then be taken to the registration page.

We are always looking for ways to enhance your BOMA/Chicago website experience. Please email if you ever have any comments or suggestions.

How has our new website been a valuable tool for you over the past year? Leave us your comments below.


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